Non-Membership Awards


Official Nomination Form For Use by Individuals (Must be used for ALL nominations)

District Representatives Nomination Form For Use via District Nominations



VMEA has established the Awards Programs that recognizes service, achievements and contributions to music education for current active members, retired members, and for non-members who show their support for local music programs.





  • All nominations must be presented with one of two forms: a) Official Nomination Form (for ALL nominations) and/or b) District Representative‚Äôs Nomination Form.
  • Districts may nominate indviduals through their district meetings etc. (Submit the District Nomination Form).  The Official Nomination Form MUST also be submitted.
  • Individuals may nominate through the use of the Official Nomination Form.
  • Official Nomination Forms and requisite paperwork must be postmarked by August 1.
  • Official Nomination Forms and requisite paperwork sent to:
  • Linda Gammon, VMEA State Executive
  • 24759 Carbonate Terrace
  • Stone Ridge, VA 20105
  • Recipients will be honored at the annual VMEA Conference
  • There will be no limit to the number of awardees in any category






Outstanding Administrator Criteria:

  • Current or retired administrator from a Virginia School
  • At least five (5) years service at the administrative level
  • Documented evidence that the nominee has been a major factor toward the success of a music program that may include securing greater funding levels, increased personnel, advocacy, support of teacher development efforts, etc.



    Past Recipients