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The Virginia Music Educators Association welcomes submissions for our 2021 Annual Professional Development Conference to be held November 18-20, 2021 at The Marriott and Sheraton Hotels in Norfolk, VA 

We encourage submission of workshop and mini-session proposals focused on the conference theme: From Survive to Thrive - Music Education Recovery Post-Pandemic.

Full Workshops are 60 minutes in length and are interactive, hands-on experiential sessions. The Staccato Session format is 25 minutes in length with the clinician serving as facilitator of a focused best practice group question/answer discussion.

Our 42nd Annual Professional Development Conference brings together music educators, music researchers, industry professionals and performing ensembles to reflect on and honor a strong tradition of music teaching across the Commonwealth while boldly embracing a future that provides a diverse and inclusive experience for all music learners

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When an exhibitor or sponsor pays for the clinician's expenses to attend, the clinic has an Industry Sponsor. The content is still expected to be pedagogical – the clinic is not intended as a product showcase. Sponsorship does not guarantee clinic selection, and Industry Sponsored clinics should not be primarily commercial (see the Selection Factors below).

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All other electronics and computer cables must be provided by the presenter. If you use Apple/Mac, you must provide your own cable that works with a PC System, including a projector adapter.

We advise clinicians not to rely on Internet access as VMEA cannot guarantee the venue's WIFI reliability or speed (even if you pay for access). We suggest that you download all relevant material to your computer. For a virtual presentation, consider loading your materials and linking in the chat.

Selection Process: The VMEA Conference Selection Committee and Conference Planning Committee use the following criteria to inform the selection of sessions. These criteria are based on feedback from attendees on what they believe is most important:

  • Importance and timeliness of the topic
  • Practical applicability
  • Demand
  • Program Balance 

The 2021 Committee is especially seeking sessions that address our Conference Theme:  From Survive to Thrive - Music Education Recovery Post-Pandemic.

The primary clinician will receive notice of acceptance or non-acceptance via email by August 1, 2021. 

Clinician Agreement:

         By submitting this proposal, I agree to the following: 

  • Incomplete proposal session forms will not be accepted.
  • Upon acceptance, the proposal content may not change.
  • Individual requests for particular days and times cannot be granted.
  • The primary clinician is responsible for informing additional session participants/clinicians.
  • I have not solicited or plan to solicit support to present this session from any company that has not already been listed in the proposal application as a Corporate Sponsor.
  • I understand that I may be asked to present virtually and that my session recording or a recording I create can be made available to conference participants.  


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