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Home School Policy Statement

VMEA Home School Policy Statement:

Students that attend home schools may participate in VMEA events using the following guidelines for eligibility:

  1. Solo and ensemble – All students may participate in this event. Students from home schools without an instrumental or choral program may participate if they are registered by their principal through a director from a participating school.
  2. District Festival – Home schools with a band, orchestra, or choral program may participate in district festivals. All students must be regular performing members of that organization and the director must be a member of NAfME or pay the non-member fee.
  3. All District, Regional and all Virginia events – Only those students who participate in a home school band, orchestra, or choral program on a regular basis are eligible to audition for these events.

All other VMEA/VBODA/VCDA requirements for eligibility and participation apply for each stated event.


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