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Virginia Department of Education Public Hearings

The Virginia Department of Education is holding public hearings, for public comments.  VMEA needs your help in getting the word out to the membership. 

DOE is specifically interested in receiving comments on the following:    

  • The Standards of Accreditation including changes to high school graduation requirements and changes to how schools will be accredited in the future
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan
  • Identifying conditions and needs of public education, for updating the Board’s comprehensive plan and annual report to the Governor and General Assembly

Public comments on other issues are also welcome.  Here is what is attached and how to use it:

2017 Public Hearing Announcement.docx

The document contains the listing of dates and location for public comments, as well as the recommended TALKING POINTS.


A Snapshot of State Policies for Arts Education

The two pages from 2014 are the most recent and up-to-date information that compares state policies for arts education.  Most notably from the chart, Virginia has not agreed to:

  • Arts Requirements for High School Graduation (Arts as a stand–a-lone)
  • Arts Education Assessment Requirements
  • Arts Education Requirements for STATE accreditation (this addition would cement the arts as a core subject in a well-rounded education)


2017 Public Comments.docx

This document is for you to leave behind after you speak.  Make changes, personalize it and add your contact information at the bottom.  Be and advocate for the arts!

This is our bite at the apple, this is our chance to influence how ESSA will be implemented in the Commonwealth…. for generations to come.  Make plans to speak or contact someone who will speak on these issues for all of us. 


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